Diskussion:Android Device Encryption

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M0rt15 meinte …

<comment date="2014-02-21T06:05:40Z" name="M0rt15"> I keep getting errors on running /system/bin/setprop, any ideas what it means?

CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: cannot locate symbol "__strlen_chk" referenced by "/system/bin/setprop" </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2014-02-21T06:08:24Z" name="Niki"> Maybe your ld is not set up properly or so (e.g. missing environment variables).

As stated in my update, I would STRONGLY urge you to take TWRP2!


Ninety-9 meinte …

<comment date="2014-12-01T19:54:46Z" name="Ninety-9"> Worked Perfect! Galaxy S4 Kitkat.

I had already encrypted the device earlier and I was sick of the fact that I either needed a super-short startup password, or a super-long screen wake password.

With the device already encrypted before I read your post, I used Tasker and SS to set the new pin, and yes, it changed both the unlock and encryption code simultaneously. Then I ran the SU code within the Terminal Emulator and voila, I was able to change the encryption password without modifying the unlock pin.

Very happy with your method. Others suggested using python code and other overly complicated methods. I guess it helps that I already had SU, Tasker, Secure Settings, and Terminal Emulator installed, by coincidence, really. </comment>

Ninety-9 meinte …

<comment date="2014-12-02T18:44:29Z" name="Ninety-9"> OH, I DO HAVE A WARNING!!! DO NOT EXCEED 16 CHARACTERS!!!!

"vdc cryptfs changepw" will gladly accept as many characters as you wish to enter. And why not? If I only have to enter this password on boot up, let's make it 20 or more!

Well, turns out that when you go to reboot your phone, Android only allows you enter a string of 16 characters. It would seem that my encryption is tied to a 17-character string and the phone is limited to a text box which only allows 16. I will probably have to Factory Reset. </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2014-12-02T19:06:42Z" name="Niki"> Ninety-9, thanks for this info! </comment>