Diskussion:Finally: Remove annoying TabletPC icon from systray

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daniel said ...

Nice work Nobaq! Even though i do not have a tablet or use windows, i am very interested in the source-code of your feat. so is it possible to publish it under the gpl?

greetings daniel

--daniel 01:18, 5. Jul 2006 (MSD)

Curtis said ...

BRAVO. thank you so much. I have wanted to get rid of that awful icon for so long, and not use the lame hiding icons way. Millionen Dank!

--Curtis 01:18, 7. Aug 2006 (MSD)

espi said ...

Hi, this utility is gone and I was so happy to find it! Please, can you post the download back again? Or email espi at ymail dot com would be fantastic for my TC1100

--espi 11:22, 8. Jul. 2009 (MSD)

Niki said ...

Thank you, the tool is available again (http://www.nobaq.net/~niki/deltabletray/)

--Niki 13:41, 15. Jul. 2009 (MSD)

Dawn said ...

The link is dead. Any chance someone could put the program up again? Thanks.

--Dawn 20:29, 17. Feb. 2011 (CET)

Niki said ...

Dear Dawn,

Thank you for the comment.

I will update the link within the next hours. Please stay tuned and look here again tomorrow.

--Niki 20:50, 17. Feb. 2011 (CET)