Diskussion:More extensions for KeePass

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jzomer meinte …

<comment date="2011-05-16T14:10:43Z" name="jzomer" url="http://strelitzia.net"> any plans on delivering this for Keepass 2.x?! </comment>

Nick meinte …

<comment date="2011-05-27T14:42:22Z" name="Nick" url="http://www.conditionalcomment.co.uk"> jzomer, I was wandering the same! The functionality looks to be exactly what I am trying to do. </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2011-06-02T17:22:32Z" name="Niki" signature="Niki"> Hi,

Sorry, unfortunately no concrete plans :-( I do not (yet?) use KP2. I have/had the plan to change, however, the plugin structure is completely different. So there might be a KP2 plugin somewhen when I have time, however, there is no concrete plan/roadmap.


Regards, Niki </comment>

Velvet meinte …

<comment date="2011-06-22T18:27:20Z" name="Velvet" url="http://www.bing.com/"> Your story was really inorfmaitve, thanks! </comment>