Lenovo X230t and Win8

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Bluetooth Drivers for Win7 do not work (g4wb12ww.exe) Install Drivers for Win8 (g4we14ww.exe). Compatibility mode not necessary (?)

Hotkeys etc.

gevu60ww.exe works better for me and has Flightmode feature built-in.

Install gevu60ww.exe. Do not install driver from this file. Run c:\DRIVERS\HOTKEY\SETUP.exe in Win7 Compatibility mode. If not logged in as admin, make sure you change compatibility mode for all users.

Then Fn+F5 should work + HW switch. BT is by default always on. Create a shortcut in Startup folder with:

"C:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\TpFnF5.exe" /BTOFF

Attention: When the Desktop has the focus while pressing Fn+F5, it is overwritten by Windows and the device toggle flight mode instead! Make sure that a different application has focus while pressing Fn+F5!

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