Stanford farmshare with NX

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Yaaaay! Nomachine NX combines the advantages of both VNC and F forwarding:

  1. Windows seamlessly integrate into client desktop
  2. connection is persistent (when connection gets lost)

Awesome! Unfortunately the FreeNX package is outdated and buggy, but after 2 hours work I got it running

Client side (Windows)

Download the old (3.5) version of the NX client for Windows:


c:\Program Files (x86)\NX Client for Windows\bin\nxssh.exe


c:\Program Files (x86)\NX Client for Windows\bin\mxssh.exe

download nxssh.exe from and copy it to c:\Program Files (x86)\NX Client for Windows\bin\

Connection settings:

Port: 22
Desktop: Unix, Custom
Login: nhammler@U:/afs/ir/users/n/h/nhammler/NX4U/bin/nxserver-usermode
Password: [SUNET password]
  • The "@" in front of the host name activates the nxssh wrapper (executes FreeNX usermode)
  • The "U:" after the username executes usermode nxserver
  • The path afterwards points to the nxserver-usermode binary

See source code:

Server side (corn)

First steps based on


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